CAD (Computer Aided Designing) is the easiest software for development of 3D for Jewellery designing.CAD & CAM process is very helpful for the mass production in jeweler sectors. For Indian and International market CAD/CAM process will enhance product quality, time reduction, weight management, cast management. By using CAD we can make our own customized designs with the required specifications like size, weight, cast etc.


          Required eligibility to enroll the CAD (Computer Aided Designing) Jewellery Designing Training :

  • Minimum education qualification is 10th and above.
  • Diploma in Visual Arts.
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  • Diploma in Drawing Mater Course.
  • Fresher who are interested in Visual Arts and Jewelry Design.

Note :  Golden opportunities for differently able students.





  • Introduction to Computer Aided Design – CAD
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing – CAM
  • Introduction about tools
  • Basics of 2 dimensional design – 2D
  • Basics of 3 dimensional design – 3D

2D Designing 

  • Basic shape drawing.
  • Free hand drawing.
  • Image tracing.
  • Dimension analyzing.

3D Designing 

  • 3D Shape creation
  • Execution of freehand designs

Stone Settings 

  • Bezel settings
  • Flush settings
  • Prong settings
  • Pave settings
  • Channel settings


  • Shading and Light settings
  • Material and Environment editing
  • Texture Pellets, Panels and Effects
  • Frame settings

Portfolio Development 

  • Ear Rings – 10 to 15 Designs
  • Pendants’ – 10 to 15 Designs
  • Rings – 10 to 15 Designs
  • Bangles – 10 to 15 Designs
  • Necklace – 5 to 10 Designs


  • Ability to draw 2D image and to transfer into 3D form

  • Gaining knowledge about CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drawing / Computer Aided Manufacturing)

  • Expertise in making National & International Jewelry Designing

  • Rapid growth in salary Hike / Revenue based on knowledge & performance.


  • You will be designated as Jewellery Designer in top leading showrooms like Malabar Gold & Diamonds / Joy Alukkas / Kalyan Jewellers / C Krishniah Chetty and Sons, etc.
  • You will be designated as Jewellery Designer in top leading manufacturing companies like Titan Company Ltd. / Asian Star Company Ltd. / Rajesh Exports Ltd. / Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd, etc.
  • You will be designated as Jewellery Designer in top leading online E-commerce stores like Caratlane / Bluestone Jewellery / Melora Jewellery, etc.
  • You can be a freelancer for domestic & international market.
  • You can start your own design studio of design services for jewellery manufacturing companies.
  • You can be full time or part time instructor / faculty.  

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